RevoMax V2 Lid: Interchangeable Plastic, Glass or Vacuum Insulated Bottles

  • ★EASY TO CLEAN: Simply pull off the seal and secured handle off the cap. Hand wash or wash the three parts on the upper rack of your dishwasher. Disassembly/reassembly of a RevoMax lid can be done in just a few seconds!
  • ★AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: Many other water bottles use a leaky, hard-to-open screw cap or clips, but that is NOT the case with a RevoMax sports water bottle or insulated flask! With the RevoMax revolutionary Version II twist-free, thread-less lid, you can single-handedly detach or lock your water bottle with ONE click in ONE second!
  • ★DOUBLE SEAL & TRIPLE-LOCK GURANTEES PROTECTION FROM LEAKS: Unlike a traditional screw-cap, which is reliant on degree of twist, the RevoMax locking mechanism applies the same pressure on its double-seal to provide a reliable seal each time. Together, with its triple-lock design, a RevoMax bottle will never spill in your bag!
  • ★NEVER A LOOSE LID ON A CARIBINER: RevoMax lid has no screw at all, so the lid can twist freely without leaking or getting loose. Therefore, you can safely hang it on your backpack with a carabiner, and not worry about it loosening when dangling!
  • ★STORES CARBONATED BEVERAGES ELEGANTLY: Every RevoMax twist-free lid is equipped with an air exhaust valve built into the lid to release the pressure justbeforethe cap is opened. There is no popping or struggling to unscrew.