RevoMax Out-performs HydroFlask and Thermos

January 10, 2017

RevoMax Out-performs HydroFlask and Thermos

We at RevoMax knew this fact to be true - that RevoMax has the industry's best thermal performance - but this test was conducted by one of our Kickstarter backers and Amazon reviewers. Someone, like you, who wants their drink to stay hot or cold all day long. Below is RevoMax fan Prissy Ramirez from an Amazon review she left on Jan 9, 2016:

Great item! I backed on Kickstarter & received it way ahead of schedule! I also purchased here for an early bday gift & so I could write a review.This does exactly what it says it does. I tested how long it kept liquids cold and after 36 hours it still was cold with a lot of ice still there.

Just remember people how much ice you put in really matters!

In my 20oz I put in 10oz water and 10oz ice(using food scale for weight) if you don't put much ice in it don't be surprised if it doesn't stay as cold as long as mine did. I still want to see how long heat stays in but I well do that next. I'm super satisfied with this item and am ordering more as early bday gifts for others who I know well enjoy this awesome item. I've added photos. 1st one is 12hrs and 2nd photo is 25 hours. After 25hrs ice was about 70%the size it originally was.

I highly recommend this item. should any issues come up I have no doubt that it would be quickly resolved by the creators of the revomax as they are quick to respond to customers.

UPDATE 1/22/16
-Full disclosure Revomax offered to send me the hydroflask and thermos along with a thermometer so i could compare them with my already purchased 20oz RevoMax for a heat retention test. My results were not in anyway influenced by RevoMax. . I used my own thermometer along with thermometer they supplied to confirm the accuracy of the temperature results. My results are posted in the picture attached (thank you microsoft excel, made it easy to make to this review along with thermometer used and hydroflask,thermos and my Revomax that was used for my testing. my testing went up to 21hrs even though the Revomax only claims to keep hot up to 18hrs.

I hope this helps others decide to get this item as it was well worth the price. No surprise to me but it blew away the competition with it's heat retention. i highlighted certain parts in chart so that you can really see the difference on temp. drop times compared in all 3 items.